Illustration Friday, Citrus (LemonAid)

This is my contribution to 'citrus'. Could we maybe do something like 'war' or 'peace' or 'weapons' the next time ? Something where one might have an opinion, where one might see blood drawn (illustrator pun !)...


Blogger scribblesk said...

This appears to have potential to get bloody! I love the bright colors against the brown and the perspective! Great style!

15/05/2007, 12:52  
Blogger Natura said...

Like your style very much!

15/05/2007, 16:07  
Blogger tt_b said...

Very nice illustrations.

16/05/2007, 02:27  
Blogger Diane Duda said...

love all your posts!

16/05/2007, 07:52  
Blogger rachel said...

very clever idea!

17/05/2007, 03:03  
Blogger Christiane said...

Great work! I love the one with the wolf and the German text a lot!!!!


17/05/2007, 04:01  
Blogger RacheL said...

You know, I had some lemonade the other day, for a hangover, and it was actually called lemon-aid. How fitting, I thought to myself.

Now I wish I'd done that for the Citrus topic, but here you've done something quite similar and I love it!

Next week I will do IF...I will...

24/05/2007, 09:21  

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