I moved !



This creature loves its apple. And I love cookies (for diabetics, of course, but they have made a lot of progress when it comes to taste, really).
Check out some more pictures of the purse here.


I went into the garden

... poetically to get you a flower, which is not going to happen. 11 °C in Paris in the mornings. I'm wearing two sweatshirts. But feel yourself given a flower anyways, for dropping by.

Don't we ?

Is anybody having a picnic summer ? We are having a rainy summer here in Paris. I'm afraid my colors will wash out.


First race

These are pictures from my first race. Just 5,5 km, but still a race.
It took place in my hometown (actually a home village) in Germany and was organised for all the region's enterprises. My parent's firm had four teams with three runners each.

Manolo and Giovanni (before the race)

Hanna and Tannee. The race started at 8:30 pm, well past dinner time for a german. So while the runners waited for the fun to start, the others already started to eat. And drink.
And I was so hungry.

Marie-Hélène, on the right. Behind these two charming ladies you see our attempts of keeping the rain from our barbecue. When the tarp broke and the water came spashing down, guess who was standing under it ?
My mother and Marie-Hélène. Exactly what I would have wished for. They were screaming like banshees with laughter.

The last 6 meters.

And how about a little social justice ? My mother took this picture out of the batch before she showed the photos to anyone. Should I maybe put a link on it ? Maybe send the link to some confidential email adress ? ... Maybe it is time for a raise in pocket money. What do you say, mummy ?


Stationery Set

Look at this little guy. He's on the new stationery set I made. Unfortunately I won't have the time today to write a letter to someone.


The scratchy cat

This is the scratchy cat bag I finished this evening.
Actually, I'm not good with cats. Every time I enter a room, every cat in it takes flight. Even the big and lazy ones. (No, I'm not mean to any beast, ever. I don't even laugh at cats, even when I think they are hilarious. They are too dignified to be laughed at.)

If you you fancy owning this bag, you might buy it at the lineanongrata etsy shop.
Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm sorry I did neither thank you nor look at your illustrations last week and the week before, my excuse is that I was gone for two weeks.
I hope to catch up to what you all did during the next couple of days, at least I hope.

My last week was spent in Bordeaux, at the Vinexpo Winefair. Which was interesting but exhausting. So today I just cleaned the appartment, rummaged through papers (attempted to sort them, actually, but that proved intellectually too challenging). I did anything that might serve as an excuse to actually do nothing.

IF - camouflage

My first already ready entry for IF.
This illustration invariably makes my mother laugh (if you tell her she's easily amused, she would reply that she knows).


What a sad movie

My mother told me she and my sister watched 'Brokeback Mountain' and cried through half of it.

IF - suit

Dolly loved the feeling of power her nightmare suit gave her.

Shirt for a baby girl

Look what I made. It was a gift to Juliette, the sweetest little girl I know.

Vincent (left) and my brother Daniel (right). They really did go canoeing in the sea. In the middle of their little outing Vincent apparrently asked Daniel if he could swim.
He can, which was a good thing, because of course the canoe tipped over. These things are made for rivers, not for the sea. Not even for the mediterranean sea.
Vincent told me that when he was little, his parents used to tie the canoe to the shore, and he spent his days paddeling ten meters to the right and ten metres to the left, imagining he was crossing the oceans of this world all on his own.

a weekend in the south of France

Vincent and I. We did have a great time.



Illustration Friday, my paradise

I hesitated before drawing this. I don't usually draw things this personnal, and almost illustrated the dog I would so much like to have. But actually my paradise would be for people to manage their anger. Not to blurt it all out, because I don't feel that's constructive. I don't ask people not to be angry any more, everyone is once in a while. But explosing on someone or screaming it all out doesn't help a bit (Actually I'm scared to death someone might explose on me in anger). Remember when you were little, you did something wrong, and instead of hearing 'that wasn't really brilliant, but we'll work it out and make it ok' you just have people screaming their heads off, and it just makes things worse for everyone...


... in a reflectif mood

Neither 'citrus' nor 'cars' would have been my kind of choice for an illustration, but browsing through all the IF blogs I'm amazed how varied and creative the visual answers are.
Guess that is what the job is all about, isn't it ? Finding a good answer to a seemingly tedious theme (If the Times called me tomorrow and asked me to illustrate 'kittens', I would happily do so, of course.).



'Eduard, I just can't take it anymore !'

This is an illustration for a recipe (strawberries with whipped cream and pink pepper).

IF - cars (King Kong)

'Stop playing with your food and have another car, darling.'


Waiting for a 'Wolf Winter'


Illustration Friday, Sign(s)


Illustration Friday, Citrus (LemonAid)

This is my contribution to 'citrus'. Could we maybe do something like 'war' or 'peace' or 'weapons' the next time ? Something where one might have an opinion, where one might see blood drawn (illustrator pun !)...


Illustration Friday, neighbor

Did anyone notice that this person has two left feet ? It's rather like the egyptian frescos.