IF - cars (King Kong)

'Stop playing with your food and have another car, darling.'


Blogger Julia said...

Thanx for your comment!
Like yours too. Amazing and expressive style.

26/05/2007, 13:21  
Blogger kaitlin choi said...

this is very unique and original! your technique is very nice as well.

26/05/2007, 13:47  
Blogger zime said...

OHH you've a great style!!

26/05/2007, 16:16  
Blogger Asafaga said...

beautiful aesthetics. Sparse and suggestive and crude enough to be gentle. Nice.

27/05/2007, 04:12  
Blogger Christiane said...

Another great one!

27/05/2007, 04:19  
Anonymous beth said...

Wonderful image. Love the spare style.

27/05/2007, 04:58  
Blogger Sarah said...

fabulous style and a great idea.

27/05/2007, 09:15  
Blogger Tina Vaziri said...

Beautiful and elegant application.

27/05/2007, 13:35  
Blogger Rodrigo Melo said...

Thanx for your comment!
excelent illos!!

27/05/2007, 22:12  
Blogger aeneadellaluna said...

I like the smoothness in this one! very nice!l

28/05/2007, 02:05  
Blogger rachel said...

This one is very very good. I'm still in a reflective mood... You solved it very well

29/05/2007, 14:42  
Blogger Geninne said...

WOW! love this!

29/05/2007, 16:52  
Blogger RacheL said...

Heeeee this is way cool! King Kong doesn't look scary at all, in fact i'd give him my car to eat just to keep him happy. <3

I've started this week's topic... but 'cars' is quite difficult to think of anything good! Especially as cars are the one thing i'm rubbish at drawing =/

so I've resorted to trawling through magazines to find car adverts, then doing some kind of pollution-themed collage. We shall see.

Either that, or I drew a really cute tomato with wheels.

30/05/2007, 09:51  
Blogger jim bradshaw said...

Nice style. The red looks great.

31/05/2007, 19:22  

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