First race

These are pictures from my first race. Just 5,5 km, but still a race.
It took place in my hometown (actually a home village) in Germany and was organised for all the region's enterprises. My parent's firm had four teams with three runners each.

Manolo and Giovanni (before the race)

Hanna and Tannee. The race started at 8:30 pm, well past dinner time for a german. So while the runners waited for the fun to start, the others already started to eat. And drink.
And I was so hungry.

Marie-Hélène, on the right. Behind these two charming ladies you see our attempts of keeping the rain from our barbecue. When the tarp broke and the water came spashing down, guess who was standing under it ?
My mother and Marie-Hélène. Exactly what I would have wished for. They were screaming like banshees with laughter.

The last 6 meters.

And how about a little social justice ? My mother took this picture out of the batch before she showed the photos to anyone. Should I maybe put a link on it ? Maybe send the link to some confidential email adress ? ... Maybe it is time for a raise in pocket money. What do you say, mummy ?


Anonymous Peer said...

Hey, cool to see the colleagues here :-)

11/07/2007, 07:56  

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