IF - camouflage

My first already ready entry for IF.
This illustration invariably makes my mother laugh (if you tell her she's easily amused, she would reply that she knows).


Blogger Charles said...

Je pense que votre éléphant est merveilleux.

I think your elephant is very nice.

25/06/2007, 11:14  
Blogger Jules said...

He's great!

25/06/2007, 12:29  
Blogger Tracey said...

Beautiful! I love it ! :)

25/06/2007, 12:56  
Blogger DaisyB said...

Vraiment mignon et très drôle :)

25/06/2007, 13:08  
Blogger Vee said...

Love this ! I really like the line work.

25/06/2007, 19:00  
Blogger studio lolo said...

This is absolutely delightful in every way!

25/06/2007, 21:12  
Blogger Kathleen Rietz said...

Oh, I am easily amused, too! This cracked me up....makes me think of my niece.

26/06/2007, 00:56  
Blogger Zara said...

Great work!

26/06/2007, 02:59  
Blogger zime said...

I love it!! beautiful illo and style!!

26/06/2007, 10:50  
Blogger Keszeg Agi said...

wooow. this is wonderful.

26/06/2007, 23:52  
Blogger alix said...

very nice!!

27/06/2007, 02:21  
Blogger stangy said...

terrific composition - makes me laugh, too!

27/06/2007, 08:35  

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