'Eduard, I just can't take it anymore !'

This is an illustration for a recipe (strawberries with whipped cream and pink pepper).


Blogger ksklein said...

great.... love the style and the colors. what kind of paper do you use?

thanks for commenting on my blog.

27/05/2007, 12:00  
Blogger ksklein said...

ah... we also muji store here in munich. i really love the store. do you use a sketchbook or do they have single sheets of paper too?

28/05/2007, 05:01  
Blogger Jean-Claude said...

J'aime vraiment ce travail sur ce papier...
très original...

29/05/2007, 16:42  
Blogger bobi and bobi said...

bravo pour ce travail très personnel

04/06/2007, 02:03  

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