... in a reflectif mood

Neither 'citrus' nor 'cars' would have been my kind of choice for an illustration, but browsing through all the IF blogs I'm amazed how varied and creative the visual answers are.
Guess that is what the job is all about, isn't it ? Finding a good answer to a seemingly tedious theme (If the Times called me tomorrow and asked me to illustrate 'kittens', I would happily do so, of course.).



'Eduard, I just can't take it anymore !'

This is an illustration for a recipe (strawberries with whipped cream and pink pepper).

IF - cars (King Kong)

'Stop playing with your food and have another car, darling.'


Waiting for a 'Wolf Winter'


Illustration Friday, Sign(s)


Illustration Friday, Citrus (LemonAid)

This is my contribution to 'citrus'. Could we maybe do something like 'war' or 'peace' or 'weapons' the next time ? Something where one might have an opinion, where one might see blood drawn (illustrator pun !)...


Illustration Friday, neighbor

Did anyone notice that this person has two left feet ? It's rather like the egyptian frescos.